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CoELIB Media

CoELIB Media provides creative and trusted media services that transform lives and influence national and global development. CoELIB Media envisions a thriving media sector that informs, empowers and is creative and trusted.

We produce film and photography , but also design (online) media strategies and create concepts that help our clients reach audiences and enhance their social impact. We optimize our results to make sure the message triggers the right people.


Our Services

Agricultural Documentaries

We have a team of passionate crew with advanced knowledge and skills in Agriculture blended with training in media to put best agricultural perspectives into videos. The videos are well articulated to serve very common African farmer. We also develop such documentaries for cooperates at service fees negotiated with the client.

Video Production/Photography

Our video production services include events coverage, cooperate marketing and commercials productions. We have latest technology in media to create a lasting memory in our clients


Our passion is to tell the stories. We document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.

Online Presence

To curb any capacity limitations that physical events undergo, we stream live on social media platforms through live streaming and online marketing through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and Websites.

Public Address System/Sound System

We have quality sound system both passive and active for all types of events. This includes waterproof line array speakers with digital control systems. We have embraced machines from leading brands such as DB, T.I., MIDAS, SHURE and Behringer.

Audio Production

CoELIB Recording Studio offers music production, radio shows, company jingles, documentary and advert voice-overs and music scores.

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